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For over ten years, Firmetal is a leading supplier in the field of metals. It depends on Chinese abundant nonferrous metals’ mine resources, bringing its superb metal processing techniques to satisfy customers’ requirements for nonferrous metal materials in chemical, photoelectric, aviation and other fields. Our business expands rapidly throughout the world including Germany, France, Finland, Switzerland, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Turkey, India, Pakistan and other markets. Our representative products are Titanium, Zirconium, Tantalum, Niobium, Molybdenum, Tungsten, Indium and their alloyed plates……
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 Titanium Foil
 Ti-6al-4v Gr5 rod
 Ti-MO-Ni Gr12 tube
 Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 foil
 Ti-0.2Pd Gr7 Gr11 sheet
 Ti welding wire
 Ti-6Al-4V Gr5 sheet
 Ti Gr1 sheet
 Ti Gr1 tube
 Zirconium sheet
 Zr 60702 tube
 Zr 60705 spare parts
 Zirconium wire
 Zr 60705 sheet
 Zirconium target
 Zirconium foil
 Zr 60705 wire
 Zirconium rod
 Niobium sheet
 Nb1Zr sheet
 Nb10Zr target
 Niobium foil
 Nb1Zr tube
 Niobium target
 Niobium wire
 Niobium rod
 Niobium tube
 Tantalum sheet
 Ta10W 5255 wire
 Ta2.5W 5252 sheet
 Tantalum foil
 Ta2.5W 5252 wire
 Tantalum target
 Tantalum rod
 Tantalum tube
 Tantalum wire
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